Every Mommy deserves a massage! We are proud and excited to offer massages for mom either before baby arrives or after the delivery!

Does dad need a massage, too? Massages are available through our sister company, The Chiropractic Joint.

Patients of The Chiropractic Joint may be eligible to have their massages covered partially or in full by their insurance carrier.

Please contact The Chiropractic Joint at 928. 774.0026 for pricing information or to schedule a massage appointment

There are many benefits to receiving massages during pregnancy including:

  • Hormone Regulation
  • Reduction of Swelling
  • Improvement of Nerve Pain
  • Reduction of Back Pain
  • Reduction of Joint Pain
  • Improved Circulation
  • Reduced muscle tension and headaches
  • Improved oxygenation of muscles and tissues
  • Better sleep
  • And More!